About Us, But Really It's About You

It goes without saying that we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality, customized and semi-customized homes with less hassle and no heartache.

And don’t get us wrong—because we could talk for hours about our dedication to workmanship, our technical skills and our long list of credentials.

Does our team have over 40 years of combined experience in the Canadian Home Building Industry? Yup. 

Are we members of the esteemed Canadian Home Builder's Association - Central Okanagan and BILD Calgary? Check.

Are we a proud member of both the Pacific Home Warranty Program and the Alberta New Home Warranty Program? Yes, we certainly are.

But while we’ve got everything you’ve come to expect from a premium Western Canadian home builder, we truly believe the focus should always be on you, where it belongs.

That’s what drives us to deliver the responsive, personalized service you deserve.

That’s what makes us different.